Get Ready for Spring Break

Spring Break season is upon us! Whether you're going on a trip or enjoying a stay-cation at home, everyone wants to look fab from head to toe. We're here to tell you how!

Make it work with your schedule

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When you're getting ready for your trip, you'll probably be looking to schedule multiple appointments for hair, waxing, tanning, nails, and more. These appointments are time sensitive and often need to be done in a particular order. Start booking them at least 2 months in advance so you can guarantee you'll get everything done on time, when it's convenient for you. It helps to count backwards from your departure date so the things that need to be done last minute (airbrush tans!) get booked first, and the less time-sensitive things can be taken care of later. Remember: nails and waxing get done before airbrush tans. After your tan, you'll need to stay completely dry for 8-10 hours, so plan your day accordingly.

Try it out in advance

When it comes to appointments like waxing or airbrush tanning, we recommend you don't do it for the first time immediately before your vacation. It's a good idea to do a test run first, so if there's something you don't like you can correct it when you do it again for real before your trip. 

For airbrush tanning, we recommend getting your first tan 2-3 weeks before your vacation or event. You can practice pre-tan prep, get an idea of what shade you like, and have an understanding of how long it will last. See below for our tips on what you can do to make your tan last longer. 

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For waxing, especially all types of bikini waxing and body waxing like back, chest, legs. and underarms, we recommend you trying it at least once before your vacation. Everyone's skin reacts differently, and you may experience some redness or ingrown hairs as your skin adjusts to being waxed. Repeated waxing will cause the hair follicles to gradually grow back slower, finer, and sparser. After 3-4 appointments you'll find you can go longer between waxing (4-6 weeks). If you can, start waxing several months before your vacation if you want to make it a regular thing Believe us, you'll love not having to bring a razor on your trip!

Trust the experts

If you want your vacation prep to be as stress-free as possible, don't try to do it by yourself! At-home waxing and tanning kits can be messy, painful, and have unpredictable results. You never know how long the product has been sitting on the shelf or in storage before you bring it home, and old product is bad product. When you visit our spa, you know that we only order professional product in small batches, guaranteeing you the freshest ingredients. You'll enjoy a quiet spa atmosphere, where you'll be in and out by your appointment time and ready for the next thing on your busy to-do list. 

Do your research

Inform yourself. Look at Google and Facebook reviews before you choose a salon or spa to visit. Research their products and favor organic/natural lines with ethical production methods that don't test on animals.

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When it comes to new services, make sure you carefully read provided information on how to prepare your skin before, and take care of it after. It's really important! It will help give you better results that last longer. Check out the links below for our suggestions. 

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What else are you doing to get ready for your big trip? Let us know!