A Birthday Letter From Our Owner

The past 12 months have been so full of stirring and brewing. The W Spa turned into its new “self”, with the help of our team, friends, family & especially my amazing and wonderful husband by my side. Happy 13 years to The W Spa, it has certainly been an exciting and challenging year. And, “Thank you!” for making our ”first year” so special! We still have a lot of work to do to get The W Spa where it could be, but that’s what keeps the process interesting, we appreciate the support, and believing in The W Spa.

We are looking forward to the next 12 months, a warm and bright 2020, a crisp spring time, our beautiful summer, and then, to meet back in October, full circle. We have many reasons to be happy in our beautiful space. 

The W Spa, is everything I hoped for, and much beyond my expectations in so many ways. Spacious, airy, with big nice open rooms, and nice high airy ceilings. Filled with natural light, thanks to the sun from the South. Still using the best organic products, care & techniques for our services. Having everything under one roof, in the same space, keeps all aspects of the process fluid, organic, and personal. Everything we do, is specialized, highly personalized, and our goal is that this process be tangible, visible. You can feel the reason to relax, even if is just for a moment.

To The W Spa, you have taught us so much over these years, & afforded education opportunities, personal growth, and real adventure. We have been able to cross paths with such interesting humans, some of who have become friends, others who have become mentors. Most of all, you have provided us all with a safe, fun, and engaging space, for so many people to feel loved.

The culture feels wholesome and safe, fun and engaging, honest and kind. Team W is learning and growing together, creating natural leaders and free form thinkers. This truly is Our Spa. My only wish for you, is to keep being a place where joy, love, learning, trust, honesty & friendship can grow.

We can’t wait to experience what happens next.  Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, comments or questions you'd like to share? We are so curious of your feedback!  

Thanking you all for choosing The W Spa. We can feel the love! We could not be here without your continuous support.

XO Andrea