Mahreen's TWS Story


One of our favorite things about The W Spa are the people we get to work with and the clients we get to serve.

Thank you Mahreen for sharing your story!

I currently work as a senior skin therapist at the W Spa. I have the ability to achieve everything that the spa offers but specialize in skin treatment. Things you can get done are body treatments, all unique types of facials and microdermabrasion treatments. I highly recommend having a gold facial done, it's a 24 karat mask and is well known for removing toxins. It's primarily known as the red-carpet facial since a majority of celebrities has gotten this treatment done. It helps to slow the creation of melanin, making it an anti-aging mask. 

Working at the W Spa has been enjoyable and lively, the atmosphere is filled with such relaxation and warmth. Everybody that I have gotten a chance to work with or gotten to know better appreciates every part of my efforts, and the performance of others. We all represent a family, working and understanding one another at the workplace, which makes working so much better at the W Spa. 

After a 6-year adventure of obstacles and hardships to get to, where I am, I feel happy and satisfied with where I have come. I cannot wait to further advance my knowledge of the active career that I truly enjoy, to encounter new people, to hear others stories to make me a better individual and to make my time at the W Spa the finest yet. 

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