The Impossible Task

Mother’s Day may be the hardest holiday to find gifts for. How could you possibly find a gift that shows the woman who brought you into this world just how much she is loved and appreciated. What kind of tangible item could possibly make the cut?

This is something we all struggle with. I remember growing up my Mom used to always tell us that all she wanted peace and quiet, or a clean house, or for me and my 4 siblings to just get along for one day. Of course, we didn’t understand. We wanted to get her a “real” gift. Maybe some of you were in the same boat growing up, but if we look deeper, I think what my mom, and maybe yours, wanted was an experience. A day of pure relaxation. A day to get away.

MothersDay (3).png

This is exactly what our Mother’s Day packages were designed for. We didn’t just throw these together on a whim. These were designed with our Moms and your Moms in mind. The most expensive package may not be the best package for your mom. We challenge you to keep your mom in mind and choose the best package for her.

MothersDay (2).png

Our first Mother’s Day package features our 60 Min. Hot Stone Massage as the main spa service with Aromatherapy, an Organic Hand Paraffin & Foot Treatment as well. If you or your mom have never had a hot stone massage this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Normally $160, this $135 spa package will give you or your Mother the getaway she needs.

Our second Mother’s Day package features a 60 minutes Luxury Facial as the main spa service w/ Aromatherapy, an Organic Hand Paraffin & Foot Treatment as well. This package is perfect for someone looking for a fresh start and to really help their skin glow. Normally $140, this $120 spa package is our most affordable Mother’s Day spa package.

MothersDay (1).png

Our final package is The Ultimate Mother’s Day Package. We don’t have “ultimate” packages all the time and this package is worthy of the title. With TWO main spa services this really is a spa day you or really any woman in your life would love! It includes our brand new 90 Minute 24K Gold Facial, a 60 Min. Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Foot Treatment & Organic Hand Paraffin. Originally $280, this $240 Spa Package is worth every cent!

To sweeten the deal, for every $75 you spend on Gift Certificates, or on Mother’s Day Packages you receive a $15 Ilike Organic Skin Care Product voucher! As a rewards member, you automatically receive this, so make sure you ask to be in our program, so you can receive double ilike dollars. What does that mean? DOUBLE SAVINGS, you will receive a physical card AND the computer will automatically award $15 on your next ilike purchase.  Your ilike vouchers (paper & your virtual reward) expires August 31st 2019

Whichever package you choose, whoever you choose to give it to, whenever you choose to schedule your spa day, this is really the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day. We believe the best gifts are those you can experience with your whole mind, heart and body.

We look forward to seeing you and your Mom soon! Call 716/741-2201, or stop in to pick up Moms gift.