Golden Skincare

Last month we began offering our 24K Gold Facials! You may have seen some of our graphics floating around the web or have heard us briefly mention it but how much do you really know about this luxury service? Know the facts before you book by checking out our top ten reasons to try a Gold Facial!

  1. Reduces Long-Term Collagen Loss

    1. Collagen is the most important and abundant protein in your body. It helps to not only keep your skin looking amazing but also helps to strengthen your bones.

  2. Boosts Microcirculation

    1. Lack of microcirculation can lead to redness or rosacea. This facial targets redness leaving your skin with a more even color.

  3. Leaves Skin Energized, Radiant & Bright

    1. Let’s be honest, this may be the number one reason we all get facials! We leave looking AMAZING (even after a scalp massage, lol)!

  4. Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

    1. This facial is the ultimate bacteria fighter. It is sure to leave your face feeling fresh and clean.

  5. Helps Fight Acne

    1. Acne wasn’t fun when we were growing up and it’s still not fun today. Quit covering it up with make up and start investing in getting rid of it for good.

  6. Lifts Skin & Reduces Wrinkles

    1. We all wish we could have skin like Jennifer Lopez, this treatment will bring you one step closer.

  7. Leaves Skin Smooth & Hydrated

    1. Like all of our facials, one of the biggest factors is you will leave with smooth, hydrated skin. Our skilled estheticians do a thorough examination of your skin and talk with you about your skin type to personal all of our facials to meet your unique needs.

  8. Gives Your Skin a Shot of Vitamin C

    1. Across the board, Vitamin C is viewed as an anti-aging boss. From tackling signs of aging to brightening your skin it really does work wonders and this facial is PACKED with it!

  9. Helps Attack Sun Spots

    1. Help your skin recover from sun damage and sun spots. Melanin, or black pigment, tans the skin but can also leave sun spots as you age. Gold works to reduce the production of melanin and leave your skin looking clear.

  10. Makes You Happier

    1. This isn’t scientific or anything. We just really believe that you will walk away with feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and just hands down in a better mood! If you regularly love a spa day, you will be head over heels for this treatment.


Time to get real. This facial won’t wipe away all your worries in 90 minutes. But paired with the right daily organic skin care regiment, it will bring you pretty close. Try it today for yourself and let us know what you think! Call 716/741-2201 to book!