First Massage? Here's Exactly What You Can Expect

Self care are two words that have been all over the internet lately. You’ve noticed too? I thought so! Caring about your body on the inside and out is such an important step to living a long and healthy life and now more than ever, people are taking matters into their own hands. We are all working to become the best version of ourselves. Therefore, I urge everyone to dedicate time in their busy schedules to practice some self love. One of the most fulfilling ways? A massage! Never had a massage before? You came to the right place!

Here’s exactly what you can expect before, during, and after your first massage:



Do your research. Make sure you are making an appointment at a facility that has licensed practitioners and is also insured. The likelihood of needing insurance is minimal. Just like your seat belt when you are driving a car. You only use it when you really need it. Nonetheless, it’s important. Ask your friends where they recommend or go online. Also, check out any reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook and hear what unbiased people are saying!

Trying to choose what type of massage is best for you? The best bet is to schedule the amount of time you would like to be worked on (30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes) and allow your therapist to determine what is appropriate for your needs. Examples of different types of massages are: Swedish (light pressure and effleurage movements), Deep Tissue (using techniques such as trigger point therapy and deeper pressure), and Hot Stone (using warmed stones to warm up, loosen muscles, and use these as a tool for your massage).

Once you determine the place you would like to visit, call and make an appointment. If possible, make your appointment during a time when you have nothing going on afterwards.

*A W tip: If you are coming from the gym, make sure you shower before hand. At The W Spa, we have showers with Whish body wash, slippers, towels, and robes to help you feel fresh and clean before relaxing with a massage. And when it comes to leg hair, either save it off or have it grown out. One of a massage therapist’s biggest pet peeves is prickly leg hair!



When you arrive for your first massage at The W Spa, the first thing you will do is fill out paperwork with health history and other personal information. You will want to fill this out as honestly as possible. For example, if you just found out you are pregnant, you would want to make sure you tell your massage therapist this. They would make sure not to have the heated table top on or using any types of stimulating products.

Your massage therapist will first lead you to the tranquility room. Here you can undress to your comfort level, change into a cozy robe, and take a few minutes to relax. When your massage therapist is ready for you, they’ll lead you to the massage room and start by telling you a little bit about what to expect. They will tell you to lay down on the table, face up. A 60 minute full body massage typically starts with a head & scalp massage to get you relaxed. Then, they will work the neck and shoulders, move on to each arm, and work their way to the legs & feet. Next, you will flip around on the massage table and they will work on the back of the legs and potentially the glutes. Glute work is discussed prior to the start of the massage. It can be very intense but always a great benefit. Your therapist will finish with a back massage. Finally, you are able to flip over once more and have your scalp and sinuses cleared before you are done with your first massage.



You have just experienced full movement massage! Your lymphatic system has been moved, and muscles have been worked on that may have never experienced this type of sensation. You may feel dizzy or even “an out of body sensation.” This is totally normal while your body is processing exactly what happened. Therefore, kick back, relax, and take it easy. Try to stay at home and rest on your bed or couch. Drink lots of water. Allow yourself to make a mind body connection. Get a good night's sleep and book your next appointment weekly, or every month.

Visit The W Spa and be one of the first to experience our new signature massage! Our signature massage includes a 60 or 90 minute Swedish massage with the addition of aromatherapy and organic hand paraffin and foot treatment all for only $120. Talk about self love!

Take this opportunity and book your first massage as a signature massage. We would be honored to experience your first massage with you and are confident you won’t be disappointed. Call 716/741-2201 to book!