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As an esthetician, my day can vary from doing facials, waxing, spray tanning, or eyelash enhancements. This keeps everyday new and exciting for me, which is one reason why I love working at The W Spa.  The fresh dynamic of the spa paired with the amazing team I work with always keeps me excited to come to work and continue my journey as an esthetician.  

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My day starts off with a scenic drive to the spa from my hometown of Oakfield.  My drive usually includes a variety of music or an inspirational podcast to get my mind moving.  I enjoy hip-hop or alternative music and like to listen to the “Why You’re Awesome” podcast created by our receptionist Amanda.  Upon arrival at the spa, I begin preparing for my first guest to arrive. Although each service is different, my setup and preparation is generally the same.  I gather all the utensils needed, dress the table if necessary, and begin to mentally focus on providing a productive and positive service for my guest.

When my guest arrives, I greet them and begin communicating with them about their goals of the appointment or any questions they may have.  For a facial, this means targeting their skin type and concerns. For tanning, this is a time to determine which shade to use. This time is very important to me because opening a conversation makes the guests’ objectives clear and allows me to provide the best possible experience.

My next step is the service itself.  This can be anything from a brow wax, to a facial treatment, to a lash lift and tint. I like to go into each appointment with the same goal in mind: a happy, fulfilled guest at the conclusion of the service.  Specifically, a brow wax would start with a conversation explaining to each guest about how an eyebrow should look in order to make it proportional and precise. Next I start by cleansing and powdering the area.  Once the area is clean I begin combing and trimming any long hairs. The trim is the most important part! After that I finally begin applying the wax and tearing it off, leaving a smooth hairless surface. With each pull a beautiful brow shape forms.  I finish off the surface by applying soothing lotion to the area and presenting the brows to the guest.  

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After a busy day of treatments, I end my day at the spa by tidying up.  I make sure to clean my room and get things prepared for the next day. This ensures an easy morning the following day.  After everything is in order, I begin my venture home and if I’m lucky I can usually see a beautiful Buffalo sunset in my rearview mirror.  This makes for an amazing end to an even better day. 

Every day that I am at the spa is a good day for me.  After a 4 year journey of finding my true passion and experimenting with my different interests, I have finally found a career path that I am eager about. I truly love what I do and I am excited to move forward and build my knowledge and success here at The W Spa.

Yours in all things relaxation & beauty,


Esthetician at The W Spa

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