It's Everyone's Favorite Time Of Year Again...


Everyone seems to love the holiday season! The gift giving, time spent with family, DELICIOUS meals, and of course, desserts! So why not celebrate it twice? 

Well, at The W Spa anything is possible. And our Christmas in July sale is back and better than ever! Come and celebrate with us. With a sale this good, won’t regret treating yourself!

Copy of Copy of CHRISTMAS.png

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

We live in Buffalo. We can’t pretend it’s Christmas if it’s 80 degrees outside!

To that I admit you’re right. As someone who loves our snowy months, it isn’t quite the same. Nonetheless, here’s three reasons why you deserve to put on your Santa hat and pamper yourself!

  1. The Holidays are hectic! Mid October through the New Year, finding time to practice self love is tough. So why not make up for that time now?

  2. It’s proven that the summer time is when the majority of people are most relaxed. But unfortunately, our summers are short-lived in Buffalo. Therefore, investing in sales this good guarantee moments of relaxation for months to come!

  3. Santa knows you’ve been good. He told us! So keep up the good work and reward yourself.

We urge you to take advantage of this annual sale, available for purchase today through July 31st. We hope to see you this Christmas… in July!

*A W Tip: For more info about how to use these packages, visit last years blog post!