The Ultimate Relaxation: Organic Body Treatments

If a facial & a massage got married, and had a baby, it would be a body treatment!

At The W Spa, we have two different types of treatments. Body Wraps, which are 90 minutes, and Sugar Scrubs, which are 60 minutes.

For your 90 minute body wrap, you will first start by changing in the shower rooms and locking up your valuables in a locker with a key that you will keep in your robe pocket. We recommend undressing fully so none of the products will absorb into your garments. If you feel like you would be more comfortable wearing undergarments, we suggest bringing a second pair of underwear.

You will then go into the Massage rooms where you will start your treatment face down on a massage table. The table will have towels on it, with a mylar sheet underneath. Your treatment will start with your esthetician wearing gloves, using a sugar scrub which is applied in a very therapeutic way, removing dead skin cells off of your body. They wear gloves because of all the dead skin cells they will be working off your skin. They will work on both legs, arms, and back. Once they are done, they will use warmed wet towels to wipe off the sugar scrub & dead skin cells, and afterwards, apply a mask that has been warmed up on your skin. 

You will then turn around, so you are face up. Then, they will start the exfoliation process once again. Both legs, (concentration on the feet!), arms, hands, if you wish, your stomach, and then the neck and upper body & decollate. 

After the exfoliating process is done, the warm wet towels are used to wipe down the sugar scrub, and the mask is then applied all over the top of the body.  Once that is complete, the mylar blanket is wrapped around you. Be sure to let your esthetician know if you are claustrophobic, they will be sure to keep some openings available and keep you loosely wrapped, however, you will not be left alone. You will have a 15 minute scalp massage while the mylar sheet has you wrapped up & the heat will cause the mask to penetrate deeper into your skin (especially now, since your skin has been exfoliated).

Once your 15-minute scalp massage has finished, you will then be prepared for a shower. 

Your esthetician will have your slippers ready, and make sure to wipe down your feet so you won’t be slippery, They will leave the room, and you will be ready to put your robe back on. Don’t worry about the robe, we will be prepared with a new robe for you after you shower! A fresh glass of water will be available, so you can stay hydrated. Once you are showered, you will return to the room to begin the lotion part of your treatment. You will once again, lay face down, and a effleurage motion is used to apply the lotion. You will then turn around face up, and lotion is again applied all over.  Once finished, you will be able to float on out of The W Spa.

—> The only difference between a Body Wrap & Sugar Scrub, is 30 minutes, and during the body wrap, a mask is applied & a relaxing 15-minute scalp massage if offered, while the mylar blanket is allowing the product to penetrate deeper into your skin.

Your skin will stay super smooth and soft, and you will feel like a cloud. We highly recommend a body treatment before a special event, like your wedding or special time in your life like prom or an anniversary, or even before a big trip.  Another amazing way to get a spray tan is to schedule a body treatment a week before a spray tan. 

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