Just a handful of sugar...

Makes the hair come off! 

We are SO happy to announce that we have welcomed a new esthetician, Samantha, to The W Spa who specializes in sugaring! This ancient hair removal technique is a great waxing alternative for those looking for an additional hair removal option. 


What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal in which a skilled esthetician pulls a hard ball of sugar paste across the skin leaving it smooth and hair-free. 

What is sugar paste made of?

sugaring 09.JPG

All NATURAL ingredients! The two main ingredients are lemon juice and sugar. If you wanted to you could actually eat it! 

How is the sugar paste applied?

Unlike waxing, it is applied at body temperature. This makes it an ideal option for clients with spider veins, varicose veins or diabetes. It is applied against hair growth and removed in the same direction as hair growth. 

What are the benefits of sugaring?

  1. Sugar not only extracts hairs it also exfoliates the skin helping to free ingrown hairs. 

  2. Since it is applied at room temperature, there is less risk of burning your skin

  3. Reduction in hair growth after 4-5 treatments

  4. Since sugaring does not stick to live skin cells, most clients find that it leaves their skin less irritated with minimal redness 

sugaring 05.JPG

Is sugaring better or worse than waxing?

It depends! Depending on your skin type and sensitivity you may prefer waxing or sugaring. Some find sugaring less painful since it is not applied at a hot temperature, others prefer waxing as it tugs less on the hair. The only way to find out which works best for you is to try both! 

Come visit Samantha to try sugaring and let us know whether you prefer sugaring or waxing!

Call 716/741-2201 to book your first appointment!