When is the right time for your child to get an eyebrow wax?

We can find a lot of ways to answer this question and a lot of good answers. But, I am going to offer you a personal experience form my own account as an adolescent who just wanted a wax.


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Unlike either of my sisters, I had dark hair. I remember my eldest sister started learning about pundit squares and recessive and dominant traits.  One of the keys was having hairs on your 2nd knuckle. Did you know that I have hair on my 2nd knuckle? When we both went to the salon for a haircut, I asked the lady if she could wax my fingers, and she did. I remember feeling my fingers all week long knowing it was hairless.  

By the time I was a freshman in high school, I noticed that I had lip hairs that were also dark. I asked my mom to help me do something with it. Instead of taking what I said as a serious issue, she told me not to worry about it, and it shrugged off, but it gave no resolution to my fearful hairy woes as a freshman.  My resolution? I took pieces of paper towels and placed BLEACH on them, and then laid them on top of my lips, in hopes that it would bleach my hairs. 

Do you know what happened instead? I gave myself a chemical burn. To this day, I can see the burns that I created on my face from trying to fix a problem myself. I went to high school that week with burn marks on my lips. My teacher told me I had grapefruit juice on the sides of my lips.

So, what am i really trying to communicate to you about your child’s hair removal needs?

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To this day, I see this same story play out in different scenarios.

  1. Over tweezed eyebrows

  2. Eyebrows that need to grow back from “DIY” poor tweezing and waxing techniques

  3. Shaved eyebrows

  4. Bleached or colored eyebrows

  5. Hairs that are ingrown and injury on the skin trying to remove them


Remember: If your child is asking you to do something about a hair situation, it is probably a big deal to them! Likewise, if you as the parent are noticing some extra hairs, or are worried that “it’s time”… remember, if it is NOT bothering your child, it can probably wait. 


Our suggestion? Make an appointment for yourself, and let your child tag along. Sometimes a simple trim can do the trick and you can wait a few years before waxing begins.

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When you visit The W Spa, our skilled and caring estheticians will work with your child to help:

  • Console & educate on best practices for hair removal

  • Educate on the shape of the eyebrow

  • Eliminate the woe of over-tweezed teenage eyebrows by reinforcing the ideal shape for your face

  • Teach how to trim unruly hairs & by the proper way to maintain brows (this tip is especially useful for away college students and our kids)


Back to School is the perfect time to give it a go! Call 716/741-2201 to book your’s and your child’s appointment today!!