Cora's First Facial

My mom always drilled into my head growing up that good skin care will lead to a younger complexion when “I’m her age.” 

“Oh, and don’t forget to always moisturize your neck too!” 

I always saw the value in taking care of my skin, and that I owe to my beautiful mother.


I struggled with acne all throughout high school that only got worse as I entered college. I never really considered getting a facial until I started my marketing internship at The W Spa. Partly because I didn’t know much about the benefits of getting facials so I never justified spending the money. 

I was, however, spending LOTS of $$$ on nice, full coverage foundations/concealers, wearing makeup everyday and wouldn’t leave the house without it. I was envious of my friends who could wake up, put on mascara, maybe some eyebrow gel and look flawless. 

When I began working at The W Spa in early June, I decided that I wanted to get a facial, specifically to target my acne. 

When I first arrived at the spa (this time as a guest), the receptionist had me fill out an informational sheet regarding my skin. Including, how much water I drink in a day, what kind of products I use on my skin, my skin type, medication I may be on, etc. 

Once that was complete, my esthetician, Kristie, took me back to the meditation room and I instantly felt relaxed. I changed out of my clothes and into The W Spa’s cozy body wrap and robe. I relaxed with some citrus infused water while Kristie got the room ready. She came back and got me and when I entered her space I immediately knew this was going to be an amazing experience. The lights were dimmed, the music was calming, and I no longer felt like I was in Clarence, NY! 


We talked a bit about my skin and I expressed to Kristie that I wanted to target my breakouts. She hand-picked what products to use on my skin based on the information I gave her. The entire service, beginning to end, was extremely relaxing. Before each step, Kristie explained to me what she was doing which I really appreciated. From masks, to cleansers, to toners, to moisturizers, I was feeling so pampered! 

One of the coolest parts of the entire service, in my opinion, was when Kristie turned off the lights and evaluated my skin under a special black light. She was able to tell me that my skin type was combination (something I never really knew) and the reasons why. She even pointed out a few sun spots on my face and told me a lot of other interesting things about my skin that I never knew before. 

The other VERY cool part of my acne facial was when Kristie used the high frequency machine to help clear up my skin. Basically, this machine gently pushes oxygen into your skin through an electrical current. It doesn’t hurt whatsoever and it helps to treat acne, eliminate bacteria, enhance circulation, and more.

When I was done with my facial, I felt like a glazed donut. I was GLOWING from the inside out! It was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. Since getting facials at The W Spa, my complexion is better than it has been in a long time. I will continue to get facials for my skin and acne, yes, but for my soul, too!

To schedule your acne facial, call us at 716/741-2201!