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What Is Organic Skin Care?

What is Organic Body Skin Care?

Organic Body Skin Care includes full-body services that can help treat all sorts of skin care concerns, from body acne, to cellulite, dry skin, sun burn, or wrinkles. 

At The W Spa, our Organic skin care line, ilike by Szép Elét allows us to customize any body treatment to the needs of your unique skin. The line uses whole, real, raw organic cold pressed fruit and herb pulps to give your skin the most immediate and noticeable treatments. Our treatments include full body exfoliation, hydrating wraps, relaxing warm treatments, and personalized care. 

Would I enjoy or benefit from a Body Treatment?

If you have had a Facial, you know that the effects aren’t limited to just beautiful skin when you are done. You also know how relaxing it is for your facial muscles, as well your neck, shoulders, and arms. Now imagine these same beautifying skin benefits over your entire body, merged with the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of massage. Sound amazing? It is!

What sort of whole, raw ingredients are used in skin care treatments?

In our Body Treatments (as well as our Facials), you'll find whole, raw, 100% organic pulps of fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown in Hungary. We chose ilike organic skin care because of the high quality and integrity of their products. It is important to us that their facilities use sustainable sources of energy and sustainable packaging materials. Our products are never tested on animals, and the raw materials are grown and harvested in ways that are friendly to the environment.

You might be surprised to learn that the lactic acid in yogurt provides an effective chemical peel to exfoliate your skin in our Yogurt Power Peel. Look for skin-tightening ingredients like sour cherry, quince apple, and lemon in many of our products. Hyaluronic acid derived from the marshmallow plant is found in our hydrating Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex products. Salicylic acid come from the bark of the willow tree, and can be found in many of our products that are intended to fight acne and oily skin. Fruits and vegetables like cantaloupe and carrots are full of the vitamin beta-carotene and can be found in our Carotene Essentials line. You might find the herb calendula at home in your own garden- you may know it as the Marigold flower- but you can also find it in many of our products for it's moisturizing effects. You've probably put aloe gel or lotion on your skin after a sunburn. Stonecrop, a close cousin of the aloe plant, is used in several of our products for it's soothing, brightening effects. Mother Nature has provided us with a beautiful garden of gifts that can be used to treat our bodies and our skin!

What if I have allergies to an ingredient in the products used?

Just let us know! Our Service Providers are licensed Estheticians, trained to identify the right products for your unique skin type. Before your Treatment, your Esthetician will talk with you about your skin to determine this. Although we specify below which products are generally used in specific Treatments, the skin care line we use is extensive, and substitutions can easily be made to accommodate for ingredients which may cause sensitivity.