eyelash enhancement

Strikingly beautiful, dramatically full, movie star quality eyelashes. Choose the option that works best for you!

Lash Lifting: Semi-Permanent Eyelash Curling

Darken your brows or lashes with our 100% vegetable dye. They are certain to make your eyes pop!



Specially created lash perming solution lifts your own natural lashes from the root. This creates a subtle, natural look, giving the illusion of length, and making the eyes appear more open. Results can last up to 12 weeks depending on the length and quality of your own lashes. We recommend a patch test preformed 48 hours in advanced to determine any adverse or allergic reaction.

Add a Tint to your Lash Lift for an extra boost! Our 100% vegetable dye is safe to use near the eyes. It tints your lashes jet black to create the look of more length and volume. A great choice for those with blonde lashes. 

Eyelash Extensions



For the boldest and most dramatic, yet natural look, treat yourself to the Full Set! No need to wear mascara with these beauties- you’ll roll out of bed each morning looking flawless, and you can tell everyone “I woke up like this!”



As your natural lashes grow and fall out, you will want to maintain them with a fill every 2-4 weeks. *If more than 50% of your Lashes have fallen out, there may be an additional charge of $15.



If you are new to Eyelash Extensions, try our Mini Set for natural looking care-free beauty. This is a good choice for those with fewer natural eyelashes. 



Our Mini-Set provides an easy and affordable way to keep your lashes looking bold and beautiful with a fill every 2-4 weeks. *If more than 50% of your Lashes have fallen out, there may be an additional charge of $15.

Our Lash Try-Me set isn't meant to give you luscious lashes, rather the set will help you get used to the feel of having extensions and how you will react to the service. They are the perfect option for someone who is unsure about the process.



Booking for a Relash appointment, and you need extra time for additional Lashes? (~10 Lashes Per Eye) Add on this service WITH any Relash appointment to get additional lashes applied. Can only be booked WITH a relash appointment.

Eyelash Extensions (Full Set)

Eyelash Extensions (Full Set)

Lash Lifting or Eyelash Extensions- which is best for me?

Both options can create a dramatic change in the look of the volume and length of your lashes. Lash Lifting services take less time and cost less than Eyelash Extensions, and don't require any upkeep until your next appointment. However, you may need to have them re-tinted in between Lash Lift appointments, as the Tint does not last as long as the Lift. Most guests who enjoy Lash Lifting still choose to wear mascara, though many feel it is not necessary. Eyelash Extension services can take up to 2 hours and require you to have them filled every 2-4 weeks, but the results are far more noticeable. It is important that you care for you Lash Extensions by only using oil-free make up and cleansers near the eyes. Most Lash Extension guests don't feel the need to wear mascara, although you may use (oil-free) mascara if you choose. If you would like to have Eyelash Extensions just for a special event, like a wedding or vacation, we can remove them for you when you are finished. If you have very sensitive eyes, bad eye allergies, or frequent eye infections, neither choice may be right for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call and talk to us. 

Eyelash Extensions (Full Set) Before and After Results

Eyelash Extensions (Full Set) Before and After Results

How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Our Eyelash Stylist will clean your eyes to make sure your lashes are free of make up and oil. She will carefully separate each individual natural lash, and assess them to make sure they are strong and healthy. Individual Lash Extensions are then applied with the safest, highest quality medical-grade lash adhesive to your individual lashes. Like all body hair, your natural lashes grow and fall out in cycles, about every 2-4 weeks. Your Extensions will fall out with your natural eyelashes. To maintain the most luxurious, full look, it is best to come in for a Re-Lash every 2-4 weeks. Our high-quality Lash Extensions will NOT harm your natural lashes or follicles. Our Lash Extensions are waterproof making them perfect for your next beach vacation! *If more than 50% of your Lashes have fallen out, there may be an upcharge from the normal Relash price.*

Applying individual Lash Extensions to natural lashes

Applying individual Lash Extensions to natural lashes

How Long Will My Extensions Last?

Your Extensions will fall our as your real lashes naturally fall out during the course of their growth cycle (about every 2-4 weeks). Here’s some things you can do to increase the life of your Lash Extensions:

  • After your Lash application, avoid heat, steam, and moisture for 24 hours. This will allow the application glue to cure, and ensure that your Extensions remain attached to your natural lashes. After the initial 24 hour period, your Extensions are waterproof!

  • Sleep on your back or side at night- belly sleepers may tend to put more pressure on their lashes while sleeping.

  • You may wear mascara with you Extensions, but many of our guests don’t feel the need to! If you do wear eye make up with your extensions, be sure to use an oil-free make up remover (we can provide one for you). Be very gentle when rubbing the eyes to remove your make up, as this can cause lashes to fall out faster and irritate the natural lash.

  • Allow yourself some time to get used to the sensation of your new Lashes- don’t touch them or rub your eyes!

  • If you choose to keep Eyelash Extensions for an extended period of time, your Lash Stylist may recommend you take a break from Extensions once in a while in order to keep your lashes healthy. Everyone's hair is different, and our Lash Stylists are trained to recognize signs of strain on your lashes. Depending on the strength and thickness of your natural lashes, you may need to take a 4-8 week break, roughly every 6-12 months.

How Does Lash Lifting Work?

If you wear contact lenses, you may need to remove them prior to your appointment. Our Eyelash Stylist will cleanse your eyes to remove make up and oil. She applies a water-soluble adhesive to your upper eyelid to affix a silicon perming rod to the lid, before carefully combing your lashes over the rod to ensure that they lie straight. Then she applies the perming solution to your lashes and allows it to cure for about 15 minutes. If you are also adding a lash Lint, she applied black tint to the lashes. This makes blonde lashes look nice and dark- even if you have dark lashes you may have blonde tips that can be tinted black for the appearance of extra length. After the tint sits on your lashes, she will remove all the solutions from your lashes with water. You're all done! The service takes 30-45 minutes. You can wear any type of make up and use any type of cleansers with lifted lashes and it will not damage them. We love this low-maintenance lash service!

Laying natural lashes over the silicon perming rod

Laying natural lashes over the silicon perming rod

How Long Does Lash Lifting Last?

After your appointment, it is very important to avoid steam, heat, and moisture for 24 hours while the perming cures. Your Lash Lift will last 8-12 weeks. Lash Tinting usually lasts 2-4 weeks, so you may wish to have your lashes re-tinted in between Lift appointments. In order to avoid over-processing and damaging your natural lashes, we cannot perm them more frequently than once every 6 weeks at the MINIMUM. 

Other Helpful Hints

  • Make sure you are comfortable lying down with your eyes closed for an extended period of time. You can take breaks to go to the bathroom or stretch, but your service may take up to 2 hours.

  • Your eyes must be healthy before applying Lash Extensions or Lash Lifting. Make sure you are free of any irritation or infection before coming in for your appointment. Our eyes are very sensitive and this is a delicate procedure! Make sure you will feel comfortable having sharp instruments near your eyes.

  • Remove all makeup from the eyes and surrounding area before coming in for your Eyelash appointment. This will reduce the chance of make up debris entering the eye and causing irritation.

  • Remove contact lenses before your Eyelash appointment as they may become irritated during the application process.

  • Since Lash Extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes, unfortunately they are not an option for those who lack natural lashes, or for those whose natural lashes are not strong enough to support the weight of Extensions. Try Lash Lifting and tinting instead.