Organic Airbrush Tanning

All of our Organic Airbrush Tans are sprayed by hand to ensure even, streak-free, and natural results. Our formula will NOT turn your skin orange, thanks to our expert application and neutralizing pigments in the tanning solution that leave you with a warm olive glow customized to suit your skin. With good after care your tan will last approximately 7-10 days. 

Try it- your first tan at The W Spa is only $25! Your Airbrush Artist will consult with you about the look you desire, and will also teach you some tips for making your tan last as long as possible. Enjoy our heated tanning room and custom hand spraying method. 

Need a tan for a wedding, vacation, or other special occasion? Schedule your appointment for 48 hours before the event so your tan will have a chance to fully develop a warm, glowing color. 

Save $25 with this special offer! Keep your tan consistent all year long when you purchase 5 tans and come in for your appointment every 7-10 days. 

Just the face, perfect for cooler weather seasons. You Airbrush Tanning artist will gradually fade the tan down your neckline so the difference in color is not noticeable.

Just the legs, a great way to give Airbrush Tanning a test drive if you're not sure what shade you'll like.


What to Know Before Your Tan

It is important to properly prepare your skin for your spray tan. This will insure an even and long-lasting color. We always recommend coming in a day or two before if the tan is for a special event so that the color is most prominent.

Make sure to exfoliate your skin before your tan for best results. DO NOT use a salt or sugar scrub within 24 hours of your tan because oily residue will stay on the skin and can cause an uneven tan. Instead, use a loofah for oil-free exfoliation.  

DO NOT shave the day of your tan. Waxing and shaving should be done 24 hours before your airbrush tan.

Schedule your manicure and pedicure appointments BEFORE spray tan appointment. It is best to do them at least the day before.

DO NOT wear deodorant or moisturizer when you come in for your tan.

Remove makeup before your tan. Make up wipes should be oil free.

Our Organic Airbrush Tanning is considered safe for pregnant women and can help camouflage stretch marks. You may want to consult with your doctor first.


What To Wear:

Wear/bring loose fitting, dark colored clothing and flip-flops to wear as you leave your appointment.

During your airbrush tan, you may wear as much or as little clothing as you feel comfortable with. Our heated tanning room will keep you warm when you undress. Most guests prefer to tan nude; please bear in mind that any clothing you do keep on will leave tan lines. Your tan may rub off on your clothing for the first 24 hours, but it should wash out easily. 

If it is raining, bring an umbrella so you don’t get wet as you leave after your tan.

After Care

It is important to properly care for your skin in order to ensure excellent long-lasting tanning results.

Wait at least 8-10 hours before you get wet or shower so that the tan has a chance to develop (this includes washing your hands). You may also sleep overnight and shower in the morning.

When you shower, all the bronzer will wash off but the natural tan coloring will remain. Do NOT exfoliate or use a loofah while you have your tan.

Be sure to moisturize daily to keep skin from drying out to ensure a longer lasting tan.

Chlorine may fade your tan faster. Avoid excess swimming.

Bronzer may rub off on your clothing or bed sheets the day of your tan but will wash out easily.

Avoid any oil-based products while you have your tan  

Very hot showers may dry out your skin and cause your tan to fade faster.

Be sure to pat skin dry with a towel while you have your tan. Rubbing your skin may cause your tan to fade faster.

With good after care, your tan should last approximately 7-10 days.

Your spray tan has no SPF and will not protect your from the sun. Be sure to wear a waterproof sun block with at least SPF 30 and reapply frequently. Sunburn can dry out your skin, cause peeling, and make your tan fade faster.