Organic Body Skin Care

Enjoy The W Spa’s meditation area, couples and private massage area, private locker rooms with showers and your own personal key.

We believe in immersive mind/body care, the integrity of hand-harvested organic ingredients, and the science behind why these products work. 

ilike Organic Body Treatments




We begin by exfoliating your entire body to gently dissolve dead skin cells and open the pores of the body so they can better absorb the nutrients of the Body Wrap. Our Hydrating Pumpkin Body Wrap is rich in skin health-boosting nutrients like alpha and beta carotenes. Carotenes are the antioxidants in orange fruits and vegetables which boost immunity and slow the degenerative process of aging by protecting the cells from damage caused by free radicals. We use cold processed, whole raw pumpkin pulps (instead of extracts) in order to retain the full benefit of the vegetable and keep all nutrients in the rawest form for better absorption. This Body Wrap effectively treats aging, loose, or dry skin to hydrate, soften and elasticize. It rejuvenates tired, stressed skin and creates a healthy glow. 



Summer sun feels good, but sun damage can lead to hyper-pigmentation, decreased moisture, and of course sunburn. We begin with full-body exfoliation to remove dry, dead skin. We then apply the Healing Stonecrop Body Wrap. The Stonecrop plant is a relative of the aloe plant, and both have long been known for their natural cooling and soothing properties. Stonecrop encourages sun-damaged skin to regenerate, while hydrating, vitalizing, and assisting in diminishing the appearance of uneven skin tone. We finish off by moisturizing to seal in all the goodness and leave your skin feeling smooth and repaired.



The Chocolate Cherry Treatment has been featured both on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and The Doctors! Sour Cherry contains polyphenols, which have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, and fight free radicals which cause aging. Cocoa is derived from the tropical cocao bean, which has been used medicinally for thousands of years. The delicious smell and powerful anti-oxidants of cocoa will elevate endorphin levels, making you feel happy and energized while firming and vitalizing your skin. We finish by applying an energizing, light-weight moisturizer.



Rid your body of toxins and stress with this anti-inflammatory wrap, which is great for oily, acne prone and problem skin. If you have problematic acne on your back, chest, or stomach, this treatment will help heal and soothe. We begin with full-body exfoliation, then layer on the wrap. This Treatment includes extractions of blackheads (if needed). It leaves the skin looking and feeling smoothed and tightened, and helps balance oil production and control shine. Even very oily skin needs to be moisturized! We finish with a lightweight moisturizer to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.



This Body Treatment is perfect for dry skin that needs a boost of hydration. We exfoliate to remove dead and dry skin and begin the process of moisturizing. The Carotene Essentials Body Wrap nourishes and deeply hydrates the skin with rich calendula, carrot, and cantaloupe to leaves your skin feeling smoother, firmer, and replenished.

Other Body Treatments


An indulgent full-body exfoliation with our Whish Sugar Scrub removes dead skin and moisturizes with organic, all-natural ingredients like Aloe, Raspberry Butter and Shea Butter. We finish off with a Whish Body Butter to leave your skin silky smooth and moisturized. A great treatment for before tanning! Choose from these scents: Lavender, Pomegranate, Coconut, Almond, and Blueberry. Each delectable scent is available for at-home use as well!



Great for problematic skin, or if you will be showing off your back. Complete with cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, hydration and sun protection. Your Service Provider will customize the Treatment to your skin type, and perform extractions if necessary.



This treatment is focused on reducing the signs of stretch marks on the belly while also firming and improving elasticity of the skin. This treatment leaves the skin silky, smooth and hydrated.

Luxury Body Treatment Add-Ons

Upgrade your spa service! Choose from 4 handcrafted signature blends to suit your needs:

  • Anxiety Release– This calming blend of essential oils relaxes the body and mind, relieves nervousness and promotes tranquility.

  • Uplifting– The smell of happiness! A cheerful, floral blend that melts away worries and leaves you feeling good about life.

  • Respiratory Relief– This blend of oils is a must-have for cold or allergy season. Metholated, herbaceous oils relieve chest and nasal congestion, soothe sinus headaches, and relax the breathing passages.

  • Grounding– Earthy and woody with a hint of citrus, this blend helps stabilize you before an event, increases focus, and brings out your inner Zen.

ONLY with an Organic Body Treatment, upgrade your 15 minute scalp massage to a 30 minute express facial. While your body is wrapped, your esthetician will cleanse, tone, exfoliate (extractions, if needed), massage, mask, and moisturize with our express facial!



The hands are covered, and then dipped into paraffin wax. The warmth of the wax is great for arthritic or working hands. Gentle massage follows, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

This is a great way to deepen your relaxation at our spa. Feel the relaxing effects of replenishing essential oils applied with gentle massaging techniques and benefit from our organic exfoliation & moisturizer.