Waxing FAQs

Q: I have never been waxed. How long should I wait? I have a special occasion coming up.

A: If you have never been waxed, consider making an appointment 8-12 weeks before your special occasion. You can see how you do, and schedule your next appointment a week or two before the date.

Q: What should I know before I wax?

A: No lotions or oils the day of waxing. Body hair should be at least 1/4” long (about the length of a grain of rice) for body waxing. Allow hair to grow for at least two weeks on face. Try to relax! We are professionals and use waxing techniques that will allow for your waxing experience to be more enjoyable. You can trust us. You will experience your waxing in a private room with a licensed specialist. We will thoroughly examine and talk to you about your skin. your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority!

Q: What should I know after I wax?

A: No tanning, swimming, scrubbing the skin, or use of scented lotions for 24 hours. Allow your skin to calm down on its own. No petroleum or mineral oil-based lotions. We can provide you with an after-wax serum to apply at home.  If you had had a bikini wax, avoid activities that may cause rubbing on the area (some forms of exercise such as spinning and running may cause irritation), and we suggest that you wear breathable cotton underwear.

Q: Why did my skin react badly to waxing?

A: Because everyone reacts differently to waxing, you can never truly predict the outcome until after you have experienced it. The following list may have an adverse effect on your waxing experience. Please consult with your waxing specialist if you are using such products or are unsure:

• Acne medications (oral or topical)
• Retin-A
• Accutane
• Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)
• Glycolic acid
• Tanning or swimming (day of appointment)

Q: My eyebrows need to grow in. I got a terrible eyebrow wax, can you help me?

A: Yes! We are best known for transforming ill-shaped brows into perfectly shaped arches. It may take weeks, even months to allow your eyebrows to grow in, but rest assured we will perfect them. We also carry RapidLash, a serum you can apply to brows and eyelashes to make them grow in.

Q: How long does waxing last?

A: Everyone is different. We suggest making eyebrow appointments every 2-6 weeks, while body waxing appointments (such as Brazilians and Australians) can be made every 4-6 weeks. If you are a first-time Brazilian or Australian waxing guest and you have been shaving the area, know that the hair needs to grow out for 2-4 weeks before it can be waxed. It should be at least 1/4in long. At your first appointment, we will take extra time to make sure you are comfortable, and to discuss any allergies you have or medications you are taking that might cause skin sensitivity. If you start coming regularly for body waxing, the results will last longer, and the hair that grows in will become softer, sparser, and finer.

Q: What can I do to make my waxing experience more comfortable?

A: Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These stimulants can increase sensitivity and leave you more tender and red after your service. If you are a woman and are menstruating, consider making your appointment 2 weeks after your cycle since you are apt to be less sensitive during this time. If you are worried about pain, you can take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, if it has been approved by your doctor.

Q: Can I still get waxed if I have my period?

A:  Absolutely! Although menstruation can sometimes cause the experience to be more painful, we can still perform waxing services, even on the bikini area, while you have your period-as long as you are comfortable with it. Just be sure to wear a tampon and let your service provider know.

Q: How old do I have to be to get waxed?

A: We will wax anyone as long as they are ready. Make sure that you are prepared for the experience. If our service providers feel that a guest isn’t ready, we may suggest they try again when they are feeling more comfortable.


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